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(Bromine based cleaner)

TA-1000 is able to replace chlorine-based cleaners with competitive price.

If you want to switch from chlorine-based or fluorine-based Cleaner, leave it to Nitto.
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* Click here for SDS (TA-1000SDS.pdf)

5 Features

  • ✔️ Excellent cleaner result and dryness equivalent to chlorine-based cleaning liquids
  • ✔️ Can be replaced with Methyl Chloride, Trichloro Ethylene, and PCE 
  • ✔️ Non-flammable, boiling point as low as 70 ° C, can be steam-cleaned
  • ✔️ Cleaning machine for chlorine-based cleaner can also be used for TA-1000.
  • ✔️ Competitive price(development of original stabilizers / recycling of waste liquid)

Application examples

  • ■Cleaning oil from metal
  • ■Flux cleaning
  • ■Urethane cleaning

Because TA-1000 is stable against many metals except aluminum and magnesium, it can be used for a wide range of cleaning. (Please contact us for cleaning of aluminum and magnesium.)

Physical property
comparison table

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